Some processes require machinery or specific devices to complete. These devices have to be in good working condition for the task to be successfully accomplished. The process of ensuring this begins before the machines have been used since they have to have been manufactured accordingly for the task they are meant for. A technical device passport is a document that is used to certify that the equipment being used has a proper warranty from the manufacturer.

The passport acts as proof that the device is certified. Without this document, a technical device cannot be used in any production process. This is because it also contains instructions on how to operate it. It should describe the machine in the different stages of operation such as before production, during and after production. Having this passport also eliminates the need to have the machine examined and tested by individual experts.

Contents of a Technical Device Passport

  • The results from all the diagnostics tests carried out
  • Results from the technical vehicle inspection
  • The location where the equipment will be installed
  • What the device should look like after it has been manufactured and when it is being used
  • The device’s serial number
  • Permissions and stamps from all the necessary authorities

All these details should be available in this document since very many complaints will arise if any of the details is missing.

Different Sections in a Technical Passport

  • Main characteristics – These are the details about the device and how it works. This information will be very useful to those that would need to operate the device.
  • Complex devices – This is a list of all the spare parts, measuring instruments and tools that will be used on this device.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty – This is a specification, by the manufacturer, of the lifespan that the machine will provide its services. It should also include storage conditions and the conditions under which the device should be used.
  • Conservation – This is the maintenance of information in order for a long time
  • Packaging certificate – This is the information relating to the packaging and the signatures of those that carried out the packaging.
  • Evidence that the device has been receipted – This should give the device’s signature as well
  • Disposal instructions – This is information about how the device should be disposed of safely.

Information about the device being handled by others and repairs on the device should also be included in the passport if they are necessary. More information is available on the passport since new data may come up when the device is being operated.      

Obtaining a technical device passport will allow you to use your gadget of choice during any of your production processes without interference from different authorities. It will also have an impact on the products that you are manufacturing.

Where you require any assistance you should talk to experts to assist you in acquiring this document for your machine.

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