Every market has its standards by which it gauges all products for their suitability. It is important to maintain such standards because it provides very many advantages for the market in general and the manufacturers as well. All the products and services must meet the set standards so as to obtain a certificate of conformity.

Verification of conformity goes a long way for the manufacturers but there is a set procedure that has to be followed first. It involves adhering to very stringent directives that are guided by legal legislative acts and technical regulations as well. Every part of the certification process is carried out under strict supervision so as to ensure that high quality standards are maintained.

What verification of conformity entails

Since this certification process eventually allows people to bring their products into the Customs Union, it is important that all parties involved in the process are vetted. The following have to be looked into:

  • The manufacturer of the products or the provider of the services that need certification
  • The person who chooses to act as the contact or representative for the foreign manufacturer
  • The organization that will conduct the tests to verify the compliance of samples

The manufacturer will of course have to fill some paperwork and then hand over samples for testing to the relevant institution. It is important that the information provided be truthful because false information could disqualify the manufacturer from distributing their products in that market.

The specialists from Rostest Europe involved in the certification can speak Latvian, Russian and English very fluently thus enabling you to communicate and ask for any advice from them pertaining to the process of verification of conformity.

Advantages that a certificate of conformity provides

  • The first and main advantage to the manufacturer is that consumers will trust their product quality
  • Goods will be able to stay on the market longer due to trust from consumers
  • Competition will be reduced since you will already have an edge above your competitors
  • With time poor quality items will be phased out of the market
  • It will be easier to initiate further scientific innovations in that line of products
  • Production capacity and quality will definitely improve with time

Specific organizations only are authorized to assist you to acquire a certificate of conformity. These organizations are tasked with the responsibility of making sure that all quality standards are maintained. They help you with the paperwork, connect you with the labs, ensure that all procedures are followed, follow up on your certificate and eventually make sure that your business or product receives verification of conformity.

The certificate of conformity is usually provided for a minimum of one year but it can be extended further to even five years. Regular compliance checks will be carried out every year just to make sure that the production standards are still being maintained.

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