Another type of certificate required is the State registration certificate. This certificate is a confirmation that the goods in question have attained and conformed to the sanitary standards set out by the Customs Union. It is known as the certificate of state registration of the Eurasian Economic Community.

Issuing this document has to involve CPS. CPS is a federal agency that ensures that consumers’ welfare and rights are protected. The goods that have obtained their registration are deemed safe for both the environment and humans. They are therefore allowed into the whole territory of the Customs Union, which includes Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Products That Should Obtain a State Registration Certificate

  • Items that may pose a hazard to the environment, including the chemical and biological substances found with people and any combinations that may arise from them
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, tonic, mineral water
  • Devices, equipment and materials used in water filtration and cleaning
  • Dietary supplements and any raw materials used in them, nutritional supplements, flavours and any items that contain GMOs
  • Chemicals used in households
  • Health foods meant for pregnant and nursing women, diet foods and children’s products
  • Products for children that have not attained three years of age
  • Cosmetics and any items used in personal care
  • Any items that get into contact with food

How to Obtain a Certificate of State Registration

  • The first step is to fill an application form. This should be accompanied by samples of the product to be tested and all the documents that come with it.
  • The samples are tested by a specified, accredited laboratory that is independent. The documents provided are also scrutinized and analysed. Once this is done, the experts give their opinion of the results and if required, further testing on the actual production process may be done.
  • The certificate is then issued based on the results from the laboratory. It remains valid until the specific product is no longer being produced.

Issuing of the certificate of state registration is usually done through CAs (or Control Authorities) which are accredited or Rosstandart Rospotrebnadzora. One of such centres is the Rostesteurope, which has the skilled manpower to accomplish this task. They assist in assembling and preparing all the required documents, which are then submitted, to the control authorities.

Consultations can be held in Latvian, English or Russian depending on which language you are comfortable with since the experts at Rostesteurope are multilingual. The specialists will adhere to the original translation that is set out for the documents. This allows you to have an easier time with the registration of goods being imported into the Customs Union.

Once all the procedures have been carried out and the results are satisfactory, you will be issued with a certificate of state registration, which is otherwise known as a certificate of the EurAsEc.     

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