Product declaration

The Russian Legislation and regulations of the Customs Union issue product declaration.  It ensures that products adhere to the set rules as stipulated by the Russian Legislation and regulations of the Customs Union. Once declaration is done, the declaration of conformity can be carried out. The latter always follows the former and not vice versa. The conformity declaration is a permit that almost resembles the test certificate in terms of its scope.

Differences between product declaration and product certification

Product Certification entails a detailed verification process involving all indicators, technical regulations and is provided for all guests. Declaration of the product on the other hand, is the process of defining the parameters of an entity or product, by which it will be tested. It also validates the products for registration in the company in question. For a product to be certified, it must pass all the indicators of reliability and safety.

Procedure for Product declaration

The following procedure should be followed when declaring a product:

  • Fill the application, including: product name and other details
  • Based on the mentioned products, experts identify and check whether products can be declared.
  • The experts will also determine whether the product passes the evidence test by conducting a circuit test on it. They also give detailed opinions on the safety and quality of the products. The safety is based on environmental friendliness and safety to humanity.
  • Documents containing the required details of each product are collected and subjected to examination by the declaration experts
  • In case of positive results, the company is notified
  • All product details are noted such as: name of product, certification center, standards, company, date of registration and standards applied during declaration.
  • Declaration is then registered to render the document legal and the declaration process complete.

Documents issued during declaration

Apart from the application rules, the company ought to submit the following:

  1. Evidence to prove ownership of the building housing the company’s goods, facilities, warehouses or products.
  2. Registration documents/ certificates such as: the constitution and its amendments.

Declaration of conformity

  • Is needed for clearance by customs and products’ release;
  • Can be valid for a period of up to 3 years;
  • Must be certified by accredited laboratory tests;
  • Comes together with the Voluntary Certificate of Conformity
  • Is equally recognized legally as the Certificate of Conformity


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