Certification in Russia and in the world is nowadays one of the conditions for successful business development. Even when certification is not mandatory, many people still obtain certificates and declarations of conformity. These and other permits play a tremendous role in conquering the market and attracting consumers’ attention.

 RostestEurope certification centre provides the users of its website with up-to-date information on various aspects of certification depending on the laws in different countries of the world.

 In the “Useful Information” section, you will find answers to many simple and complex questions concerning permit issuance:

  1. What are the existing certification systems in Europe, in the Customs Union, and in other countries?
  2. What is voluntary and mandatory certification?
  3. What are the current certification systems in force? 
  4. What are the features of each of the certification systems, and how to use them?
  5. What are the types of documents a company may receive after certification, and their validity periods?
  6. The regulatory framework: regulations, laws, decrees and resolutions behind certification systems in Russia and other countries?
  7. What are the typical declarations of conformity required for companies to obtain permits?

The information in this section is refreshed and updated simultaneously with the legislation in force. After you have read the articles prepared for you by our experts, you will be able to assess the benefits of international certification or certification in Russia and to make an informed and correct decision.


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