Starting a business in any new country requires that you meet the standards and regulations set out in the respective country so as to be allowed to conduct any kind of business. Meeting all the stipulations set out is the first step to setting up a business.

In Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan, you can get the certification for your goods according to Russian standards from the RostestEurope. It provides you with an avenue to get your items tested and certified for the market in a simple way. This makes the registration task much easier for anyone looking to start a business.  

Certification in Russia involves taking into consideration the rules implemented by the Customs Union. European directives are used as guidelines for certification in Latvia and the European Union in general so as to ensure high quality goods that meet the stipulated standards everywhere they are being distributed.  

Parties involved in the certification

  • The person intending to export the goods into any of the said countries.
  • The one who will receive the goods in the respective country, that is, whoever is interested in the products.
  • The independent lab professional that will pass your items through a series of tests to confirm the authenticity and quality of your items.


To start with, you’d fill out a number of forms detailing your information and information pertaining to your product. Samples of your items will then be required for testing. A fee applies to these services so you should prepare to cater for the cost.

Starting a business

Once the paperwork is filled out, samples of your products are taken for further investigation. They are taken to a lab, and the whole process is handled by professionals to ascertain the contents and quality of the items. Once they are rated as suitable for the market in Russia and its neighbours, you receive your certification and are therefore, well on your way to begin your business.

The test results

Apart from the actual content of the items, the product will be tested to check whether it is environmentally friendly, whether it poses a threat to security and whether it is reliable enough to perform its intended purpose.

A certificate of compliance is provided only if all the requirements are met. Some people may be worried about revealing too much about their products but the information given out is kept confidential at all times so as to uphold the rights of the manufacturer.

Benefits of certification in Russia

  • It allows you to do business freely without having to worry about the authorities in the various countries harassing your business.
  • It gives a higher value for your products since consumers are certain that what they are using is genuine and of good quality.
  • Consumers have an easier time choosing the right products.
  • It reduces the amount of substandard goods available in the market thus reducing competition from low quality products.
  • It, more often than not, translates into higher sales and higher profit margins for your products.
  • It saves you a lot of time since you do not have to look for a lab expert on your own because there is one already at your disposal.

Items that should go through certification in Europe

The sanitation rules set out by the Customs Union are what are used to gauge the products coming into the market. The following have to be examined for conformity to these rules.

  • Health foods for children, nursing and pregnant mothers and athletes
  • Any products meant for children under the age of three years
  • Dietary and nutritional supplements and the raw materials from which they are obtained, any items that contain GMOs
  • Anything that gets into contact with food
  • Items relating to cosmetics and personal hygiene
  • Any devices or equipment for use in water filtration and supply
  • Chemicals used in the home
  • Chemicals that could harm humans, the environment and any other items around them and any kind of drugs obtained from such chemicals

Certification keeps your business up and running

Maintaining a partnership is crucial for business to continue successfully. It can be assured by always maintaining the high quality manufacturing standards stipulated by the Russian countries. This will allow smooth certification of your products by RostestEurope.

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