A company that works in the field of production, maintenance and storage of hazardous (highly explosive or chemically hazardous) objects is required to have a permit to operate. Licensing and registration of technical devices is carried out by the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (Rostechnadzor). A favourable decision will depend on many factors, such as the accuracy of the collected documents and the correct order of their submission and tracking in Rostechnadzor. You can leave all the work required to obtain your permit to our certification centre. 

RTN subjects to mandatory licensing those businesses whose activity involves production, processing, use, storage and transportation of the following substances:

  • Toxic, poisonous substances;
  • Highly toxic substances and their components;
  • Substances presenting a danger to the biosphere.

The “dangerous, toxic, highly toxic” substances imply substances that lead to the death of living creatures. The list and description of these substances are defined by the law № 116-FZ “On Industrial Safety of Hazardous Production Facilities”.

Scope of the RTN permit

The RTN permit covers the activity on the hazardous production facilities where:

  1. Hazardous materials are produced, processed, used, stored, transported or disposed of (Government Decree № 454, year 2012, and Government Decree № 922, and year 2012). As well as where explosive materials are handled (Government Decree № 279, year 2008).
  2. Equipment operating at pressures greater than 0.07 MPa or water and steam heating temperature over 115 degrees Celsius is used.
  3. Permanently installed hoists, escalators, cable cars etc. are used. The industrial safety of such installations is verified in accordance with the Government Decree № 682, year 2012.
  4. Molten metals and alloys form. 
  5. Mining operations are underway, works on enrichment of minerals, as well as in underground conditions. Underground survey is regulated by the Government Decree № 257, year 2012.

The list of activities for which the RTN permit is issued can be found on the official website of the Federal Service for Supervision. 

Certification centre services

The following documents should be provided to the RostestEurope certification center for us to prepare them for submission to the licensing authority:

  • documents confirming permit possession for the type of licensed activity and documents for the legally owned areas, buildings and structures;
  • act of commencement/closure of highly explosive facilities;
  • permission to use the equipment;
  • documents presenting a favourable decision of the expert on industrial safety for devices intended for use on hazardous facilities;
  • emergency plan to eliminate potential accidents;
  • Service Agreement with official rescue services;
  • official documents on the availability of company’s own professional rescue services;
  • list of control devices, appliances, alarm and automatic protection systems;
  • documents certifying sufficient staff qualification.

RostestEurope specialists provide the following services:

  • Accepting applications for RTN permits.
  • Verification whether the submitted document packages are complete and comply with the licensing regulations, elimination of identified deficiencies.
  • Filing documents to the RTN authorities.
  • Obtention of the explanatory letter from RTN.
  • Obtention of the registered licence and its transfer to the applicant.

RTN permits for industrial safety of TR facilities on the territory of the Russian Federation or the Customs Union are required if other forms of conformity assessment are not legally provided.

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