Certification schemes and systems

Certification scheme – certification form established by the legislation that determines the complex of inspections and tests, by the results of which conformity of product to the quality requirements specified in the regulatory documents will be considered.

Certification system – set of rules and directives mandatory for execution/observance on certification works for further confirmation of the quality compliance and access of certified products to the market. The system includes all personnel that follows the rules established by the legislation and the result which is the operation of the system.

The procedure for conformity assessment in Russian Federation regions can be two types:

  • voluntary,
  • mandatory.

Voluntary certification is performed in accordance with established standards of voluntary certification. Mandatory confirmation form consist of two options:

  1. acceptance of declaration of product conformity to the specified quality requirements;
  2. mandatory certification which defines further implementation possibilities of the certified product.

Both confirming documents are endowed with equal legal force in any part of Russian Federation.

Certification system special features

Mandatory certification system should be conducted by special body – certification centre, with which the applicant had previously signed contract on performing procedures that will confirm the compliance of the certified materials and products. Certification scheme is determined by the state accepted and confirmed technical regulation. The scheme of mandatory certification differs depending upon the type of products certified.

In case of voluntary certification all necessary inspections are performed by individual initiative of the applicant in order to assure the consumer in products and services compliance to requirements, technical conditions and formulas that are established by national standards.

Voluntary certification system begins at the request of a legal entity and (or) individual entrepreneur or several legal entities and (or) individual entrepreneurs. With the establishment of the system, the main list of certified objects and their main characteristics was created and confirmed, strictly based on which further voluntary certification will be carried out.

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Customs certification procedure

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